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Our 007 took on too much water in his latest underwater secret assignment, so he headed to headquarters for an emergency tune up about a week ago.

It took 7 California mountain sunrises to finally get our 007 Mendicoa back to Super Agent strength, but each morning he thanked each Spy Headquarter Team member personally for their valuable work, and he would remember each of their names.

From Fusua to Patrick & Brigett to Cory to John to Dolita to Jerome to Master Agents Aryai & Tren to Martha & Edwin to his “Hawaii” Secret Agent Connection Couple.  They did not give up on him, and even when he wanted to leave but was still bleeding – Agent Patrick made sure that did not happen, and when the water was suffocating – Master Agent Aryai spelled out a three-prong strategic attack that held the enemies’ injuries back and got our 007 back to fight other battles.

He knows that thanks to the headquarters team effort he would now

“Die Another Day”

007 Dad - No Standing Anytime



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