Like in the James Bond Movie, “Never Say Never Again”, when the aging Bond was brought back for another assignment, our 007 is slowly getting himself back, and teaching us all to “Never Say Never Again”.

Yesterday, as he was continuing his daily battle against the evil forces keeping him in the disguised bond mobile that looks like a plain wheelchair for the untrained eye, he surprised all of us at the time when we thought it would not be the day we would win the battle.

All day long, he had been training hard for his next assignment, and when his entire team of Super Secret CareAgents were ready to give up on him, he said in true James Bond fashion “I am ready now”, and started to get up. He did not quite make it all the way, and while it was a small step for man – it was a giant leap for our 007.

Our 007 has a long history of teaching us to “Never Say Never Again”.  For circumstances beyond his control, our 007 had to restart his life from ground zero 3 times and in different countries, and each time – when most of his secret agent family team were ready to give up, he showed us that each day brought new opportunities.

From the day he fled his home country and landed in Spain during a very cold snowy winter night without a cent to his name and no winter coat himself or his family, he kept moving forward past all the evil agents standing in his way and brought joy and hope to his secret agent family team with the world’s finest chocolates and winter coats that zero money could buy.

To this day, we have no clue how he was able to get those chocolates and coats on that cold winter night, but if anybody could – that would be our 007 Father.

007 Dad - No Standing Anytime


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