Our 007 on Assignment

Her name was Candace, but he kept calling her Bambi, and like the bodyguard in one of 007’s movies, she was fighting hard, but our 007 would not give up.

He was weak from having jumped from his bed (well, it was more like he was sticking his legs out of bed telling us he had to head out before the bad guys would find him), and since that 5 am jump attempt,  he had been talking nonstop about how to escape from the evil forces that were coming.

Like other agents, he knew he could only give minimal information if caught by the other side, so he memorized his key information to give out in those horrible interrogations – his address and birthday, and whenever he became agitated, we would ask him for his basic information and like clockwork he would start with the address, and get a bit confused when he got to his birthday, but would usually make it.

His Bambi was really giving him a workout, and his arms were up and down, and legs were up and down, and he was pushing back, and he lost his balance a few times – but finally exhausted he stopped and in true 007 fashion asked Bambi: “How much do you want to stop and join us?

Bambi laughed, stopped, and told him: Until Thursday, but you will need to practice all those physical therapy techniques prior to then. Bambi, or Candace, was our 007’s strict Physical Therapist and she was working on getting him ready for his next assignment: Back to Walking.

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