007 Caregiver

Our 007's True Diamon
Our 007's True Diamon
Our 007’s True Diamon

Tomorrow is a tough day today.

Mom died 2 years ago unexpectedly and dad went into shock. He went from being in perfect health to PTSD and that accelerated the onset of dementia. He has been on a steep decline since her death.

Tomorrow would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow we would have been having our annual family celebration, but tomorrow we will be getting a home nurse visit to check on how dad is doing after his second recent visit to the ICU.

Tomorrow we won’t have the usual annual celebration but Tomorrow is a new celebration of just being able to be with dad this Labor Day. There won’t be bbqs, but we will do what dad loves to do – we will go to the baseball game tomorrow.

We will watch whatever baseball game is on cable and tomorrow we will be at the baseball game with dad. After asking for the hot dogs, he will, as he has done every day since her death, ask when is mom (his wife) is coming?

After the game ends, we will move on to watch his favorite 007 Movie, and tomorrow we will celebrate with dad, baseball, hot dogs, and 007.

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