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If you never expected to be a Caregiver, but you now are, will be or have been, then the different resources showcased here; including the list of Free Caregivers’ MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from the world’s elite universities & top experts; the selection of “How To” Videos for Caregivers; the selection of “Soothing Sounds and Meditations” for Caregivers to the other resources shared may be of some help.

This site is dedicated to all the Accidental Caregivers from near and far who joined us in helping to take care of our own 007 – Our Super Agent Father.

From his 007 Day & Night Super CareAgents to his Doctors to the ICU Nurses & CNAs to his Home Care Nurses to his Physical Therapist to his Special Needs Nurse and everyone else that has been there along the way.

With over 76 Million USA Baby Boomers hitting their retirement years now, the numbers of individuals, families, neighbors, work colleagues, and strangers unexpectedly finding themselves in the caregiver role is expected to grow exponentially – This site is our simple effort at letting you know that you are not alone on this “highly” traveled road.


Accidental Caregivers Morning
Accidental Caregivers Morning